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General Public Welcome

Denotes member of the WNY Hosta Society

Great Lakes Region Tailgate 
Saturday - July 11th

Gardens Open 10am - 5pm

Eagle Bay Gardens   FRI -SAT- SUN

Ran Lydell

2912 Main Street,  Sheridan, NY 14048

716-792-7581 or 716-366-8844 and 716-969-1688


A six acre garden including “Eagle Bay Gardens”. The gardens, ever expanding, include an extensive collection of hosta, very rare and unusual trees, conifers, maples and perennials, cactus, desert, alpine, rock gardens and a large informal lake. There is a barn from the Civil War era and the site of an historic mill. Incudes a picnic and sales area.

(Ask Ran to direct you to the Liberty Vineyards and Winery, Sheridan NY 14135)



The Hidden Gardens of Eden   FRI-SAT-SUN

Marcia and Dave Sully

3954 Schintzius Rd, Eden, NY 14057



The Hidden Gardens of Eden offer over a thousand names hostas and a number of unique hosta seedlings Marcia has hybridized, with new hostas constantly added. Hidden gardens are interspersed throughout the 2-acre plot, accented by a creek in a deep ravine. The garden features artistic and eclectic décor, a tropical succulent display, martagon lilies and hanging annual baskets. Sunny plots contain daylilies and specialty perennials and companion plants. Meandering stone paths, scenic overlooks and benches invite the visitor to linger.



Mike and Anita Sheehan  FRI-SAT-SUN

9832 E. Holland Road, Holland,  NY 14080



These well-manicured, mature perennial gardens occupy a full acre in rural Holland. Exhibited are a large variety of perennials including 350 hostas, 350 or more daylilies, many heuchera, heucherela, peonies, echinacae, astilbe, daffodils and ferns. A mix of shade and dull sun allow for a variety of plantings. Various levels and variety of plants and stonework add interest throughout. Easy access with paved paths and flat grass areas.




Smug Creek Gardens  FRI-SAT-SUN

Mike and Kathy Shadrack

8399 Zimmerman Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075



A large rural plot with five different gardens. A terraced garden is mostly in the sun with iris, daylilies and unusual shrubs & perennials. Two shade gardens are for hosta- one on a gentle slope, the other an especially-constructed small hosta garden that includes a shade rock garden. The fourth garden is also sunny with island beds containing daylilies, lilies delphiniums and small trees. The fifth “garden” is our large deck with over 50 large potted plants. A wide, shallow creek runs through the property. Easy access but a difficult and often steep terrain. 


Barb Sylvester  FRI-SAT-SUN

8360 Zimmerman Road, Hamburg, NY 14075



A one-acre plot intensely cultivated. The front yard contains mostly sun perennials, while the side garden is cottage style with clematis, daylilies, hydrangeas, a herb garden and a large collection of heuchera. The rear garden is mostly shade with over 250 varieties of mature hosta, a new raised bed for mini hostas and many others in troughs and containers. A variety of shaded perennials, ferns astilbes and primroses surround a large waterfall feature. Easy access.



Sue Sickels FRI-SAT-SUN

8655  Falls Road, West Falls, NY 14170



Come visit our 25 acre horse farm complete with a one-acre pond stocked with mature koi. Enjoy a walk on more than two miles of groomed trails in a mature forest. A waterfall flows into another koi pond surrounded by over 500 labeled hostas. Astilbes, heucheras, daylilies and various ground covers add to the interest. Easy access.



Whits End FRI -SAT- SUN

David and Barbara Whittemore

33 Sherwood Ave. Hamburg, NY 14075



A suburban lot containing collections of hosta, astilbes, clematis, daylilies and conifers. A water feature with a waterfall. Three unique garden railroads. Easy Access. 



The Hosta Farm FRI -SAT- SUN (SUN closes at 4:00)
Jerry Murray

4735 Transit Road, Orchard Park, NY 14127


Display garden and sales area.



Lasting Dreams Daylilies FRI -SAT- SUN
Carol and Anthony Haj
6425 South Abbott Road, Orchard Park, NY 14127


Display garden and nursery. Northern hardy, field grown daylilies. July is peak bloom season for over 1600 AHS varieites. We are NYS licensed growers and hybridizers. Shaded seating, restroom, and giftshop. 







Judy Johnson SAT- SUN

71 Idlewood Avenue, Hamburg, NY 14075



A half acre village lot. Hostas line the driveway with collections of daylilies, other perennials and herbs. A Griffiths Park sculpture. Easy access.



Nancy Klass SAT- SUN

13 Sherwood Avenue, Hamburg, NY 14075



A garden on a small city lot. The garden was developed to encourage butterflies and bees. Contains a mixture of sun and shade plants, including 75 hostas. Easy access.



Suzanne Kovic SAT- SUN

205 Highland Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075



A narrow suburban lot in total shade. A collection of hostas plus rhododendrons, hemlocks, hydrangeas and assorted shrubs. A large redbud dominates. Includes a birdhouse  collection and a large angel fountain. Easy access.

Best in June and early July. 




Sharon Beck SAT- SUN

296 Brookwood Drive,  Hamburg, NY 14075



A suburban lot with a large collection of hostas and flowing beds of perennials. Topiary and whimsies throughout. Early spring bulbs. Brick pathways. Easy access.



Marg Rust SAT- SUN

71 Rosedale Ave,  Hamburg, NY 14075


Flagstone walled perennial bed border the yard. Central to the landscaping is a water feature with stepped falls decending from the patio level to a koi pond. A cedar pergola along the garage provides a backdrop for a raised perennial bed and support for climbing roses. 



Kathleen Kelkenberg & Linda Washut  SAT- SUN

175 Highland Ave,  Hamburg, NY 14075 


The garden is on a small village coner lot with a private backyard. It is shaded in front with a variety of oak, locust, maple, sweet gum, and sour gum trees. There is a perennial garden and many container plantings. The backyard flagstone patio area includes a pondless waterfall bordered with tropical container plantings. Artwork adds an interesting accent to the garden.


Denotes member of the WNY Hosta Society

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