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19th Annual Fall Hosta Forum was a SUCCESS!
American Bandstand for a “Rockin’ Fall Hosta Forum”
Held September 17th, 2016

The HIT PARADE of Speakers for this year was:


  • Jeff “Big Bopper” Miller of Land of the Giants Hostas

  • Ron “Atomic Elvis” Livingston of the Fraternal Order of Seedy Fellows (FOoSF)

  • Len “Bo Diddley” Lehman - Rock Around the Garden
    (rock gardening) Chris

  • Chris “Buddy Holly” Wilhoite - Arisaemas and other
    Kookie Plants

This year's forum was the BEST one ever and it is our sincere and fervent hope that next year will be better still. The mission of the two clubs who co-host the Forum (The Daffodil and Hosta Society of Western Pennsylvania and the Western New York Hosta Society) is to inform and educate - and we like to have a good time getting there. To that end, our committee works hard to choose speakers, to lay out a reasonable schedule, to keep costs affordable while providing the best value to our attendees.

We are kicking around themes and titles, but right now we are thinking of moving 20 years up the musical ladder - working title "Peace, Love, Plants". We'll see how it goes.

Our two speakers - Barbara Tiffany of The Gardens of Mill Fleurs and Paul Zammit, Director of Horticulture for the Toronto Botanical Gardens; will both be talking about design from their special perspectives. Think of Barbara as Carole King, weaving a tapestry..... and Paul Zammit as Jimi Hendrix, tearing the place apart!

Pat Boissonneault's Hosta Names used in the power point for Friday night.

Mind you there are others out there but these only pertain to the 50's and 60's Rock n Roll era. 

H. Rock and Roll 
H. Earth Angel
H. Singing the Blues
H. Blue Suede Shoes
H. Money Honey
H. C C Rider
H. Teddy Bear
H. Great Balls of Fire
H. Rock Island Line
H. Short Fat Fannie
H. Mack the Knife
H. Peggy Sue
H. Rebel Rouser
H. Good Golly Miss Molly
H. Lucille
H. Barbara Ann
H. Big Bopper
H. Twilight Time
H. Roberta
H. Chantilly Lace

H. Stand by Me
H. Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


H. Sergeant Pepper
H. Purple Haze
H. Penny Lane
H. Mustang Sally
H. Revolution
H. Yellow Submarine
H. Cloud Nine
H. Right On

H. Cathy’s Clown
H. Alley Oop
H. Little Town Flirt
H. Blue Hawaii
H. Alley Cat
H. Johnny Angel
H. Surfer Girl
H. Ring of Fire
H. Love Potion #9
H. Twist and Shout
H. Viva Las Vegas
H. Louie
H. Pretty Woman
H. Rising Sun
H. Unchained Melody
H. Satisfaction
H. Midnight Hour
H. Batman
H. Good Vibrations
H. Wild Thing
H. Hanky Panky
H. Lovely Rita

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