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Past Hosta Tea Gardens

2018 Hosta Teas

Hosta Teas are an opportunity for members' to visit and socialize in other members' gardens. Gardens are usually open for three hours between 1pm and 4pm during an afternoon. Just drop in and take a look at the garden and its plants. Light refreshments are available throughout and when possible somewhere to sit and gossip is provided.

June 2018 
A Twlight Tea at Whit's End Garden

Anytime between 7pm to 10:30pm -  the garden of David and Barb Whittemore, 33 Sherwood Avenue, Hamburg - a quiet residential street with plenty of street parking. The garden features over 350 named hostas in addition to other perennials and annuals, located in gardens, in elevated beds and in containers. 

Two notable features are the waterfalls and three operating garden trains. Several outdoor ‘rooms’ offer different viewing vistas and the garden shed is disguised to look like a train station. We will enjoy watching the garden transform from daylight to nighttime when the garden lighting takes over. 

September 2018
Kreutzer Garden

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