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Presented by the Daffodil & Hosta Society of Western Pennsylvania and The Western NY Hosta Society.

23rd Annual Hosta Forum was held Sept 18, 2021

Roaring 20's

The Roaring 20's

Our 2022 theme echoed the new decade - flappers, speakeasies, swing and jazz - Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde...
Fun was had by all! 


Tim Boebel 
Northern Hardy Hydrangeas
Tim has written two books on growing hydrangeas in our climate and he will share varieties and methods to succeed. 

Noah Schwartz
From Model T to Roadset

Noah will walk us through the production of hostas from liner to consumer plant… like Ford’s assembly line, the process is fascinating. 

John Totten & Linda Kramer 
Appalachian Forests; Cultivating Place

Stretching over 2000 miles from Newfoundland to Alabama, the Appalachian Mountain chain is one of the longest, oldest and most botanically diverse on Earth. These botanical riches have been sought after for centuries by plant explorers and including them in your woodland garden can add excitement and a sense of place.  

Don Rawson
Jazz Up Your Hosta Garden 

Has your garden become dull and boring? Well then, it’s time to get out of the gardening rut and add some eye-popping street appeal to your landscape. Don will give you some tips to make your garden more exciting, beginning with evaluating your design, examining your selection of hostas and companion plants, and creating interest with the addition of art and humor...all in order to make your garden unique, appealing, and memorable. Let’s jazz up the garden! 

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