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Past Hosta Tea Gardens

2019 Hosta Teas

The following were Hosta Tea hosts in 2019! 



The garden of Bruce & Marie Herman

A 200 by 60 lot, featuring an alpine garden with 100 varieties of alpines, a shaded bog garden with Japanese iris, astilbies, primroses and ferns.  Another sunny bog gardens features rushes and sedges.  In addition, there are over 300 hosta and 400 daylilies, as well as many perennials throughout.  Finally, enjoy seeing large garden pond and many trough gardens.  Bruce and Marie have a unique and rare local garden and we are thrilled to be invited to see it.


We have a treasure trove of local sites and activities to round out your day as we approach June 1st (i.e. Platters Chocolates and the Herschell Carousel museum… etc., etc.)


The garden of Brenda Fox

This is a large, country garden with extensive color-themed perennial beds, including a red bed, purple patch and a yellow and white border.  A separate hosta garden with over 100 varieties is in the shade of mature maples and ash.  Garden also includes lilies, coneflowers, clematis and many unusual perennials.      

The garden of Ray Boronczyk

Plant Prism is a suburban front yard garden containing many varieties of perennials, mainly roses and spring bulbs, but also daylilies, hostas and lilies.  We have over 40 rose bushes; miniature to ramblers.  The backyard is our fruit and vegetable area with a mix of raised beds and in-ground gardening.  The backyard does not have defined paths. Easy access. 


The city garden of Joel and Pamela Rose

Pam & Joel live in the heart of Parkside, a block away from the Zoo.  Their Victorian home on a 50x130 lot is on its way to becoming a miniature arboretum with many unusual trees.  The hidden backyard retreat features a gorgeous lavender flagstone patio, stone walls and a winding path surrounding a magnificent weeping Gingko and delicate ‘Forest Pansy’ Redbuds.   A unique weeping Katsura and ‘Moon Glow’ Redwood join the Swamp White Oak to provide shade and habitat.   Hosta, tiny Japanese maples, and Calibrachoa annuals provide splashes of leaf pattern and color.  An Umbrella magnolia and a weeping Norway spruce anchor sculpted beds.  Rhododendron, azalea, and Japanese procumbens happily entwine for a spectacular spring display.  A gentle breeze stirs a custom built wind chime memorial creating beautiful harmonies to remind us of our beloved departed pets.   Two Crape myrtle survive in a microclimate next to the house’s new kitchen addition.  Tufa rock planters form an interesting ridge along one of the sculpted beds.  Don’t miss the unusual mountain lion sculpture carved from a box elder trunk holding watch underneath the Rose of Sharon, featuring species that reflect the gardener’s volunteer efforts in the animal arena.      


BONUS:  Hosta tea attendees will be treated to a mini tour of our custom kitchen addition, and enjoy schmoozing with Sophie, our Bernese Mountain Dog who is also a therapy dog.   We don’t have deer in the city, but you might hear our Zoo lions roar, sea lions bark, or hyenas whoop! 

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 4.45.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 4.45.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 4.45.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 4.45.26 AM.png
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