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Fall Hosta Forum 2014

The 17th Annual Fall Hosta Forum was held on September 20th, 2014.

"Damn Right, I've Got the Blues" 
And you should have the blues too - blue hostas, blue plants...
come and join us to chase the blues, and embrace the blues


Our speakers were:
  • Don 'Slo Hand' Dean - Got the Blues - 
    The who, what, where and why of blue hostas, Especially the ones I know the best.
  • Rick 'Johnny B' Goodenough - I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues... -
    Aa hybridizer's woes, woos and wows. A talk that touches obstacles, pains, and frustrations of hybridizing and introducing hostas- as well as the lighter side. 
  • Oscar 'Sonny Boy' Cross - Chasing the Blues -
    Need an antidote for all those blues? Oscar might just have the remedy in his pocket of perennials
  • Laura 'Mama' Deeter - Continual Color without Continual Hassle -
    A humorous and informative romp through the color wheel involving hints, tips and tricks for getting your garden looking fantastic throughout the season. 
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