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The Daffodil & Hosta Society of Western Pennsylvania andThe Western NY Hosta Society,

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20th Annual Hosta Forum - Sept 16, 2017

** Note: Registration due no later than 9/2


So… for those who don’t remember (or have never been), here are the details 

Daffodil and Hosta Society of Western PA
 and Western New York Hosta Society are happy to present the twentieth Annual Fall Hosta Forum. All of the Forum activites take place at the Frank G. Pogue Student Center at Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA. It exceeded our expectations and with the small inconvenience of having to move between hotel and venue, we are thrilled with our new digs. 

In this new venue, everything takes place in one enormous room – talks, vending and auctions. It has worked like a dream and so our Forum has entered a new era. 

 In this new venue, everything takes place in one enormous room – talks, vending and auctions. Some people have complained about the temperature – which is not within our control SO, we suggest that you bring jackets and sweaters that you can pile on if it’s cooler than you would like. 

Furthermore, we have worked out a deal with the Edinboro COMFORT SUITES, 1007 Market Place Drive, Edinboro, PA 16412, (814 969-7000) to hold a block of rooms for us @ $119/night plus taxes.

We will host a Hospitality Room there on Friday night for those who stay. We suggest you book ASAP if you plan on staying. We will be funding hospitality with a raffled “basket ‘o cheer”. 


This year’s theme is based on why we love hostas and their shady friends to begin with…. Because they are groovy, you are groovy and like, wow. They make our hearts sing, we feel the vibe and we want to, like, hug a tree or something.

However, since so many people do come in Friday night and stay, we have added a Friday night element along with a light, pizza and salad, dinner. THIS WILL ALSO OCCUR AT THE UNIVERSITY. We will then host a Hospitality Room at the Comfort Inn for those who have booked in there. 

And don’t forget the “wheelers and dealers”! We will have the usual high-quality blend of vendors with our usual array of exciting plant and garden items. This year we expect the usual suspects – Eagle Bay Hostas, DJ’s Greenhouse – plus Garden Vision, Mill Fleurs and anyone else we can scoop up. 


Karen Perkins - Garden Visions Epimediums
Tie Dye for the Shade Garden
Epimediums are finally getting the appreciation they deserve. The perfect shade perennial. Learn all about them from the expert; growth, habits, needs, propagation, pests and diseases.  

Jonathan Hogarth - From England
The (mini) British Invasion
One Englishman’s journey on growing, selling and exhibiting small hostas in England 
Barbara Tiffany - The Gardens at Mills Fleurs 
Harmony in Hostas 

Landscaping a hosta garden based upon the spectacular but serene landscape of The Gardens at Mill Fleurs. 

Paul Zammit - Dir. of Horticulture, Toronto                                               Botanical Gardens
Gardening Without Flowers 

An energetic presentation that explores the importance of garden ornament, creative container designs, hardscaping elements and the power of living sculpture in the landscape from architectural plants with fantastic foliage, form and/or bark. 

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