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For several years now the Society has been involved with the Plant Society Avenue that is held in conjunction with the Garden Art Sale the last weekend in June. The Avenue consists of booths manned by the more active of the groups, clubs and Societies that promote plants, flowers and gardens in the Region.


Typically we set up our booth, show the visiting public some well-grown hostas, chat about their diversity and how easy they are to grow and encourage members of the public who show an interest to become members. We cover our costs by selling a few hostas out of the hoop house. This year both the Plant Society Avenue and the Garden Art Sale will be bigger than ever, last two days and be at a wonderful new location.

It was held on the green in front of the Buffalo and Eire County Botanical Gardens, perhaps the best backdrop in the entire region.

They had even more vendors to bring their garden related wares from near and far. There are at least four societies that are headquartered at the Botanical Gardens and most if not all of them will be joining us.


Together with the Eire County Master Gardeners and the Botanical Gardens themselves we will have a wonderful display in June. If that were not enough, to continue the theme of Gardens Buffalo Niagara – putting gardens first (the newest name for the Garden Festival) which this year is education, we are going to invite the various plant societies and the Master Gardeners to give short talks about their favorite plants to an enthralled public throughout both days.

Plant Society Avenue and the Garden Art Sale 
June 29th & 30th, 2024 

Erie County Botanical Gardens

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